Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spanish Power Hour: Bully Movie

Last week, all the students in our middle school and high school viewed the movie Bully as part of the school day.  This is part of a renewed spirit to try to get a handle on some of the bully issues in our school.  As staff, we were encouraged to help set up the movie in our Power Hours with the students.  Since I have a Spanish Power Hour, I created some materials and held some discussion on the day before the movie, all which was very well received.  

On my SMARTBoard, we
  • Defined bullying 
  • Brainstormed examples of bullying
  • Created a list of places that bullying often occurs.
  • Went over a few statistics offered by the Bully Movie Guidebook.
Then, students were divided into groups of two:  one student from level 1 or 2 paired with a student from level 3 or 4.  They each read a short biography about the kids or families in the movie and then reported out to the class.

Here are the documents that I made for the students to use:

Bully Handout 1

Bully Handout 2

Bully Handout 3

Bully Handout 4

Bully Handout 5

If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it.  While different students responded differently to it, there was much crying and anger in my Power Hour while we were reflecting after the film.  Definitely made an impact.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Big Map of Spain

One of the activities that I like to do with my classes is the "big map" activity.  During  the "big map" activity, students are given a template of a country or region we're studying.  They trace that template onto construction paper and then research their region, adding cities, geographical features, and cultural draws.  They then present their regions to the class and we piece our are of the world together like a puzzle.  

My Spanish 3/4 class worked on their "Mapa Grande de España" with a sub while I was gone on vacation.  (I don't have any Spanish-speaking substitutes, so when I'm absent for an extended period of time, I rely on culture/geography activities.)  Here's a picture:

Please kindly ignore Andorra's absence...  It had gone MIA when I snapped the photo.

I've done this with all levels.  Spanish 1 does a Big Map of Mexico, Spanish 2 focuses on Central America, and Spanish 3/4 do either Spain or South America depending on the year.

This takes some time at first because you have to trace the map and cut out the templates; however, one year in a bind, I just put up a map on the SMARTboard and the kids traced their countries right off the board without a template.  

Do you do any similar activities in your room?  It's simple, but I think my students' geography skills and knowledge leave so much to be desired, I feel it's worth the time.  I always get a kick out of how the Spanish 1 students have such a hard time wrapping their head around the fact that Mexico has states, for some reason.  :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Student Project: Technology then and now

Spanish 4 students were asked to compare an aspect of our school today with how it used to be in the past.  One student chose to compare technology from the past to the kind of technology we have now.  Her presentation was great, but I thought I'd share her visual aide.  We decided to hang it outside the computer/business teacher's door because it was so well done.  That, and our business teacher has been around long enough to have used a lot of the kinds of technology on the poster!  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Damos gracias por...

I work with a Power Hour group for 30 minutes each day.  My particular group of Power Hour kids is a selection of Spanish students from all levels (Spanish 1-4.)  It's basically a mixed level Spanish extension time.  This past week, I noticed other Power Hour groups taking some time to do some activities centered on Thanksgiving or being thankful.  So, we took a few days and created this display in the hallway to illustrate what we were thankful for.

First, we brainstormed a list of things together in the classroom.  Then, each student created their own leaf.  Finally, the students created the tree and the title to pull it all together.  Here's how it turned out!  :)

And a close-up of a couple of the individual leaves.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Student Created Reflexive Verb Posters

I usually enlist the students' help in creating displays in the classroom with their own work.  So, here are the reflexive v. non-reflexive posters my Spanish 2 students made last week.  Part of the process was presenting the posters to the class and answering questions about which one was reflexive or which one was not, as well as what exactly made them reflexive or non-reflexive.  In the end, the students hung the posters in the space under my whiteboard where they would see them often as we continue our study during the unit.  

Some close-up examples:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Class Project: Spanish Is All Around Us

Last week, I asked all of my Spanish students (Spanish 1, 2, 3/4) to bring in an item with Spanish written on it.  It could be food packaging, instruction manuals, or something similar.  With the exception of some French that infiltrated our display :) we did pretty good.  Here's what our display looked like today (still missing some items from our procrastinating students).

On a small piece of paper, students were asked to write where they found the Spanish and to identify two words that they learned while studying it.

Be Who You Are: Spanish Bulletin Board Lesson

I've adapted the "Be" bulletin board often seen on Pinterest to meet my Spanish language needs.  What I did was create an empty bulletin board covered with black tag board at the beginning of the year, then this year, my Spanish 3/4 brainstormed a list of words to describe "good" friends, students, or people in general.  I then had students add their words to the bulletin board.  They were allowed to use a dictionary to explore new vocabulary.  Here's what we had at the end of the hour today: