Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer School Highlights Week 1 - Colors Class


As a middle school and high school teacher, I'm always venturing a bit outside my comfort zone when it comes to teaching elementary students.  That said, I love the opportunity to try out new hands on activities and also create an excitement for the Spanish language when the students are still young.  This summer, I teach four basic Spanish classes, each meets for 90 minutes a day and lasts for four days.

¡Colores!  (Colors)

First up, a class about colors.  This class was for 1st through 3rd graders.  My goal was to come up with a bunch of different ways to practice the Spanish colors.  Here are a couple of activities that the kids enjoyed:

In this activity, students had to park their cars in the correct parking space by reading the color names in Spanish.  I was inspired by this pin that I saw on Pinterest from The Adventures of Bear blog. It was really good for helping the students internalize some of the words.  I let them practice, and then we timed them each day to see how much faster they could do it on the last day than on the first!

Twister!  Most kids like Twister.  We played the normal rules, just said all the words in Spanish!

Throughout the week, I took pictures of the students and then cropped the pictures to just certain articles of clothing.  Then we sorted the photos onto our color wall for extra practice.  

On the last day, we made a booklet with brag books from the dollar store in which we put pictures of clothing and then labeled them with the Spanish word together.

We also sang this song together.  There are a couple colors missing, but my students liked to point out which ones were missing, so they were still practiced all the same!  This particular image is a free download from Macy Turner on TeachersPayTeachers.   

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