Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer School Highlights Week 4 - Calendar Class

As a middle school and high school teacher, I'm always venturing a bit outside my comfort zone when it comes to teaching elementary students.  That said, I love the opportunity to try out new hands on activities and also create an excitement for the Spanish language when the students are still young.  This summer, I teach four basic Spanish classes, each meets for 90 minutes a day and lasts for four days.

El Calendario (The Calendar)

This is my last week teaching Summer school and I am focusing on calendar words with these 1st-3rd graders.  We're learning about the days of the week, the months of the year, and seasons.  

The students made this foldable on Monday with the days of the week.  On the front, we put the three-letter abbreviation, inside, we wrote out the whole Spanish word and also the English translation.  Students then use it as a reference during games and activities.  Already on Tuesday they were celebrating when they "didn't need to look at the paper for that one."  :)

The kids love Ta-Te-Ti Bingo.  I like it because it gives the feel of Bingo without the time.  We usually have winners every three to five words, so students get to win often and also hear the vocabulary often. Using plastic sleeves and EXPO markers makes for quick transitions between rounds and no chips to have to deal with. 

In order to help us remember our months and seasons, we made a circular calendar.  Each student colored and decorated it with stickers to make it his or her own.  Then, I could quiz them with it; they could turn the pointer to the right month.  Or, they could use it as a reference when playing their online games later on.  

My classroom is pretty hot this week with the high temps and humidity outside, so we've taken a couple trips to the (air-conditioned) computer lab to play Spanish games.  The students could also use the foldable and calendar that we made to help them with their games.  This is our go-to game:  Hangman with days of the week and months. 

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