Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Personal Cognate Dictionaries

Having students write down cognates they come across is something that I used to do a lot with my classes, but I've gotten lax on it, and so they don't write them down like they used to.  This year, I'm going to give each student a personal cognate dictionary for them to write down cognates they come across.  My hope is that it will help them with writing assignments and also spelling, since I've noticed they don't pay much attention to the spelling of cognates like they do words that are completely new. 

Do you do anything similar when it comes to teaching vocabulary and cognates?

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  1. I have a cognate wall up in my classroom. I have little posters for each letter of the alphabet and use three different colored word strips: blue for nouns, pink for verbs, and yellow for adjectives. Whenever we come up with a new cognate during readings, etc., I hand a student the appropriate colored word strip, a marker, and the tape and they add it to the wall.