Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spanish Power Hour: Bully Movie

Last week, all the students in our middle school and high school viewed the movie Bully as part of the school day.  This is part of a renewed spirit to try to get a handle on some of the bully issues in our school.  As staff, we were encouraged to help set up the movie in our Power Hours with the students.  Since I have a Spanish Power Hour, I created some materials and held some discussion on the day before the movie, all which was very well received.  

On my SMARTBoard, we
  • Defined bullying 
  • Brainstormed examples of bullying
  • Created a list of places that bullying often occurs.
  • Went over a few statistics offered by the Bully Movie Guidebook.
Then, students were divided into groups of two:  one student from level 1 or 2 paired with a student from level 3 or 4.  They each read a short biography about the kids or families in the movie and then reported out to the class.

Here are the documents that I made for the students to use:

Bully Handout 1

Bully Handout 2

Bully Handout 3

Bully Handout 4

Bully Handout 5

If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it.  While different students responded differently to it, there was much crying and anger in my Power Hour while we were reflecting after the film.  Definitely made an impact.  

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